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Uno Online is a great card game that can be played online. Try to be the first one to remove all cards on your hands and gain the highest score.

The origin and virality of Uno Online

Uno is a card game that originated in Reading, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. It was made by Merle Robbins in 1971. Recently, it has been popular around the world. Featuring funny gameplay, this game is suitable for players of all ages. In particular, because this is a multiplayer card game, it is the best choice for the parties. You and your friends can play it and have fun. Now, the online version was created by Code This Lab S.r.l who is a famous game developer. It was released in 2022 and is available on our web browser. You can use your PC or mobile device to play this game with your friends to have fun.

All kinds of cards in Uno Online

Before playing this game, you must learn about all kinds of cards that you will use. Moreover, you must remember their functions to utilize them wisely. There are a total of 108 cards in this game. These cards are classified into 3 types including number cards, action cards, and wild cards.

Number cards

The first kind of card is the number card. There are a total of 76 number cards in this game. These cards have four colors including green, blue, red, and yellow. Each color has 19 cards ranging from 1 to 9. There are two cards that have the same number and color. However, each color contains only one zero card.

Action cards

The next type of card is the action card. There are 12 action cards that are classified into three types in this game. They are the Reverse Card, Draw 2 Card, and Skip Card.

  • Reverse Card: You can use this card to reverse the direction of play. For example, the current gameplay follows a clockwise direction. However, after you use the Reverse Card, the gameplay will change to the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Draw 2 Card: This card can be used to force the next player to draw two cards from the stock. Moreover, the next player will lose his turn after you use this Draw 2 Card.
  • Skip Card: As its name suggests, this card can be used to skip the next player’s turn.

Wild cards

The final type of card is the wild card. There are only 8 wild cards which are classified into two types. They are the Wild Card and Wild Draw 4 Card.

  • Wild Card: You can use this card to change the color of the play. For example, if the card on the table is yellow, you can use this card and choose your favorite color. After using it, you must get rid of the card that has the chosen color.
  • Wild Draw 4 Card: This is the most powerful card in this game. This card not only allows you to change the color of the play but also forces the next player to draw 4 cards from the stock. In addition, the next player will miss their turn after you use the Wild Draw 4 Card. There are only 4 Wild Draw 4 cards. Therefore, you should think carefully before using them.

The gameplay of Uno Online

All game modes

At the start of the game, you must choose a suitable game mode. This game features three game modes. They are 2-Player, 3-Player, and 4-Player modes. In 2-Player mode, you will play with a CPU. Meanwhile, in the 3-Player mode, your rivals are 2 computer players. In the 4-Player mode, you must encounter 3 computer players. You must choose one of these game modes to play the game. Keep in mind that the more players you must encounter, the lower your winning odds are. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you should play the 2-Player mode first. Then, you can challenge yourself with the game modes played by more players.

The setup

First, the cards are given to all players, and each player has seven cards. In the center of the table, you can see the Stock Pile and Discard Pile. The Stock Pile will restore the rest of the cards. However, these cards are faced down. Meanwhile, the Discard Pile will contain faced-up cards that are from the players’ hands.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move the cards.

Simple rules

The playing rules of this game are super simple but interesting. In this game, you and your opponents will take turns getting rid of the cards on your hand. Note that the card you want to drop must have the same number or color as the card on the Discard Pile. For example, if the card on the Discard Pile is a blue card with a value of 7, you must drop a card that is also blue or has the same value. Note that if you do not have the card that is matched with the card on the Discard Pile, you must draw a card from the Stock Pile. Besides, you can utilize the Action Cards and Wild Cards to force your rivals to draw more cards or lose their turns. Moreover, if the card on the Discard Pile is an Action Card, you must drop the same Action Card or a Number Card that has the same color as it.

When there is one card left on your hands, you must use the One button at the center of the table to say ‘Uno’. Keep in mind that you must be quick to yell ‘Uno’. If you say ‘Uno’ too late, you are forced to draw two new cards from the Stock Pile. The first one who can eliminate all cards on their hands will become the winner and gain the highest score. You must read the principle of this game carefully to make sure that you will become the victor.

The scoring system

After getting rid of your cards, your score will be shown. If you lose, you will get zero. However, if you win, your score will depend on the cards left in the hands of your rival. If your opponent still has number cards, your score will be the total of these numbers. However, if your enemies have special cards, the score will be calculated as follows.

  • Reverse Card: If your rival has a Reverse Card, you will gain 20 points.
  • Draw 2 Card: You will earn 20 points if there is a Draw 2 Card left on your rival’s hands.
  • Skip Card: If your opponent has this card, you will claim 20 points.
  • Wild Card: If there is a Wild Card left on your opponent’s hands, you will gain 50 points.
  • Wild Draw 4 Card: If your foe has a Wild Draw 4 Card when the game is over, you will get 50 points.

The winner can gain a maximum of 500 points. Can you get this score?

Pro strategies to win Uno Online

Although this game is easy, this card game also requires both luck and skills. If you are a pro player, of course, you can get victory easily. However, if you are a newbie, I think you should have your own effective strategies to raise your odds of winning. But first, I want to suggest some useful tips and tricks that can help you defeat opponents easily.

Start with cards with a high number

If you are the first player, you should start with card 9 first instead of card 1 or 0. Remember that the score of the winner will depend on the sum of the numbers on the opponent’s cards. Therefore, getting rid of cards with high numbers will help to stop your rival from getting a high score if you lose the game. The lower numbers your cards have, the lower score your opponent will gain.

Do not get rid of your Wild Cards too early

As I mentioned before, the Wild Cards are the most powerful and important cards in this game. Thanks to these cards, you can force your rival to draw more cards, change the color of play, and forfeit their turns. However, if you use the Wild Card too early, this will be detrimental to you at the end of the game. As a result, you can lose the game easily. Therefore, I advise you to keep your Wild Cards until the very end. When you have 1 or 2 cards left in your hands, you can use the Wild Card to change the color of the play. In addition, you can also use the Wild Cards when your opponents have only one card. This helps to stop them from winning the game.

Furthermore, you should look carefully and remember the cards that your opponents get rid of. This helps you easily predict the colors of your rivals’ cards when they have two or fewer cards left. At this time, you can use the Wild Card to change the color of play that is different from the colors of your rivals’ cards.

Prioritize matching the cards with the same value

The second tactic I want to recommend is to get rid of matched-number cards first. Normally, most players prefer to match cards of the same colors to cards of the same value. However, I think it is a big mistake. If you do that, you can lack the card that has the same as the card on the Discard Pile. Consequently, you must draw more cards from the Stock Pile. Therefore, I advise you to match the cards of the same number instead of the same color. This helps you maintain cards of every color. As a result, you will always have playable cards on your hands and minimize the number of drawing cards from the Stock Pile. This also helps to prevent your opponents from predicting the colors of your cards.

Think carefully before using the Reverse Card

The third tip that you should remember is not to use the Reverse Card at the wrong time. When your opponent has only one card left, you should not get rid of the Reverse Card. If you do that, this will create an opportunity for him to win the game. At this time, you had better draw another card from the Stock Pile or use other playable cards. However, if the next player has one card left, this is the right time to use the Reverse Card. This help to stop your opponent from getting rid of his final card easily.

Use Draw 2 Card when necessary

One important thing is to get at least Draw 2 Card at all costs. This card is also an important card, so you must keep it for emergencies. Specifically, when the next player has two or fewer cards, you should use the Draw 2 Card to increase the number of cards on your opponent’s hand. This helps to raise your odds of winning when playing this game. Because of its importance, this can should not be eliminated too early.


In conclusion, Uno Online is not only interesting but also easy to play. It will bring hours of entertainment for you and your friends after a hard-working day. I played this game and I fell in love with it on the first try. The gameplay is addictive. I do not need to spend too much time understanding the playing rules. The computer players are programmed like professional players. Therefore, it takes me hours to defeat them. However, I learned many interesting tips from them. Additionally, the graphics are impressive. In addition, the music in this game is catchy which helped to boost my mood when I played the game. With these dominant factors, this game deserves to be one of the best card games that you must try. Do not hesitate! Add this game to your game arsenal and play it when you have free time.