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All about Rocket Bot Royale game

Rocket Bot Royale is a vibrant game of tanks bracing for battle. Equip your tank with maximum firepower to take down all opponents in your area.

Missile tank

In the game, you will control very unique tanks. These tanks can not only move on uneven terrain but are also equipped with many missiles with peak destructive power. Missiles in the tank can shoot down opponents and shatter solid blocks of land in battle. Control your rocket tank throughout the area to take out all the other tanks and dominate the area.

Tank durability

Tanks in the game have good stamina depending on the upgrades you equip to your tank. You will have the opportunity to unlock different types of weapons and especially different types of armor. If you possess an energy shield you can accelerate to avoid devastating attacks or can take you to favorable positions to destroy opponents. To keep your tank full of energy, don't forget to create specific strategies to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Dynamic arena in the game

Multiplayer game

Like the game, Rocket Bot Royale also has many players participating. Online matches add a level of competition and motivate you to practice your skills in the game. Many participating players will also bring you many interesting situations that add newness to help you have memorable experiences.

The environment is full of newness

Designed environments range from aerial lands to volcanic environments and dazzling technological cities. These are environments that can exist to fight, besides there is an environment that brings destruction which is the water environment. All cars that fall into this environment will explode and cannot survive. Get familiar with combat environments to gain more lessons and become the most powerful tank.

How to move tanks

Use the following control keys on the computer to control the tank in the game:

  • Use A key or left arrow to move left
  • Use D key or left arrow to move right
  • Move the mouse to aim and shoot
  • Click left or right to shoot