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Welcome to the colorful animal world

Zoo Boom is an opportunity for you to discover more animals in the zoo. You will need to collect enough as required by the game to pass the level.

Do you love animals? You will meet a lot of different animals in this game. They are drawn in vibrant colors and are suitable for children. Eye-catching effects and funny sounds will bring you great experiences. Are you still waiting? Join this game right away.

Guide to play Zoo Boom

You will be assigned certain tasks through each level. In general, your task is usually to collect different items or animals. You need to break blocks on the screen to be able to complete the mission. However, not every block you need to destroy.

The basic quests in this game

If the level requires you to earn a certain number of animals, this may not be a too difficult level. In addition, you also need to collect enough gold coins, statues, rainbow circles, etc. You just need to gather enough numbers and you will win.

Laws for collecting items and animals

You just need to directly destroy the blocks containing the animals, you can collect them. However, getting other items like coins or statues won't be so easy. For gold coins, you need to destroy blocks around it to get them. For the statues, you need to get them there on the table. When they're touched, they'll automatically appear in your collection.

Some supports you need to know to pass levels in Zoo Boom

This game will simply be in full levels. Later, difficult items will be enhanced. At this point, you need support in this game. They will make it easier for you to conquer the levels.

Special Boosts

As you know, you just need to click on adjacent blocks of the same shape to destroy them. If multiple blocks are the same and next to each other, you will get a bee or a weasel when clicking on those blocks. These bees and weasels are special boosts. The ferret can explode blocks near it while his kid will destroy a row of blocks. In addition, the rainbow circle also helps you to collect all the animals on the table. Use them to win.

Items in shops

Besides the special boosts, you can also buy more items such as dice, rockets, drills, and rackets. For example, the racket can help you destroy any block you want or the drill will drill a row of blocks. They will be purchased with the amount of gold you have. You will only have 5 hearts which is equivalent to 5 plays. If you lose at a level, you will lose a heart. You will not be able to continue the game if the number of hearts is exhausted. Do not worry! You can go to the shop to buy more hearts. Even if you run out of money, you can wait a while to recover the original number of hearts. In the meantime, you can pass the time with Uno Online.