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The sweets party of the worms begins

Worms Zone is a multiplayer game and gamers will control their own worms. The goal is to get as big as possible. Therefore, eating food is extremely important.

Feed the hungry worm

Your worm is very small and short at first. However, you can make it bigger with food. The food of the worms in this game is not leaves but delicious cakes. Your worm is very hungry, move around the map to enjoy delicious food. Can you feed the worm all the delicious food in this game? You also need to be aware of other worms because they can attack your worm anytime.

Control cleverly

The worms crawl very fast and smoothly. However, the larger the size of the worm, the slower it will move. This will make it the prey of many other worms. At this time, you need to control your worm skillfully and avoid the dangers. You can use your worm's massive size to your advantage to attack enemies. Make sure your Internet connection is stable. It's better to avoid lag because your worm can lunge at enemies. You just swipe the mouse to navigate the worm. Click and hold the left mouse button to boost.

Become the biggest worm in Worms Zone

Your worm can be a hundred times larger than its original shape if it consumes a lot of food. In addition, ensuring the safety of your worm is a prerequisite to being able to become even stronger. For more multiplayer games, you can visit Uno Online here.

Eat lots of sweets

Sweets often cause obesity but they provide a lot of energy in this game. The cakes are designed with many different shapes and colors that look very appetizing. Let's eat them all. Each cake can provide from 5 to 9 energy points for your worm. From there, the size of the next child will grow more and more. These foods appear continuously and you also need to help the worm consume them continuously. If you stop growing, the enemy will be ready to devour your worm.

Attack the opponent

A playground with many gamers, battles will always take place. If you win, you will receive generous rewards. Naturally, you will have to start everything over if you are the loser. The head of each worm is quite weak. If you hit the enemy's head with the worm's long body, you can win. This also means you need to make sure your worm's head is always safe. If you are bigger and longer than your opponent, cover them with your body. Then slowly retract the circle and destroy them.

Some of the special liquids in this game

You will probably see glass jars containing colored liquids. They will greatly help your journey.

  • Green liquid boosts your worm's speed.
  • The blue liquid increases the energy points of each cake by 5 times.
  • Yellow liquid gives you a wider field of view
  • Purple liquid will show you the location of other worms on mini maps
  • You can collect more food with a liquid magnet.
  • Finally, the liquid has two colors of blue and red that help your character to collect sweets from both sides.

You should notice that the effect of the liquid only lasts for a short time. After that, the worm will be back to normal status.