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Introducing the game Funny Shooter 2

If you are looking for a fun action game, then Funny Shooter 2 is an interesting game for you to explore. Your mission is to destroy all the violent pink monsters.

Intense Confrontations

The game brings you moments of intense confrontations because you will have to face many brutal opponents alone. Your opponents have bizarre shapes but also a touch of humor. They wear iron helmets on their heads and carry objects like pans, baseball bats, and many other items used as weapons. They attack you from all sides, so you need to constantly observe the mini-map to know the positions of all opponents. When they appear, aim and shoot at them. Depending on the type of gun you use, there will be different reloading mechanisms. During the reloading process, run to a position far away from the opponent, or else you will be attacked immediately. Keep moving and changing positions to make it difficult for the enemy to hit you. Dodge, jump, and crouch to dodge your opponent's attacks while maintaining your own accuracy.

Unlocking Weapons in Funny Shooter 2

To unlock new weapons, you need to complete missions and achieve certain accomplishments in the game. Each weapon has its own unlocking requirements. Here are some tips to help you unlock weapons in the game:

  • Complete levels and missions: Try to complete levels and missions in the game to earn money and experience points. These accomplishments will help you unlock new weapons.
  • Defeat opponents: Defeat multiple opponents in the game to earn experience points. Experience points will help you level up and unlock new weapons.
  • Earn money in the game: Use the money earned from completing levels and missions to purchase new weapons. In-game money can be used to unlock and upgrade weapons.
  • Complete special objectives: On some levels, there may be special objectives that you need to complete to unlock new weapons. Pay attention and fulfill these objectives to receive rewards.

In the game, different types of weapons have their own characteristics and abilities. Experiment with different types of weapons to find the one that suits your playstyle. Some weapons may have higher damage but a slower firing rate, while others may have a faster firing rate but lower damage. Adjust your weapon selection based on the situation.

How to control

Get familiar with the following joysticks so you can get great achievements in the game:

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use your mouse to look around
  • Use the W + Shift key to run
  • Use the space key to jump
  • Use the left mouse button to shoot
  • Use the right mouse button to aim
  • Use 1-7 keys to change weapons or use the mouse wheel
  • Use the G key to throw grenades
  • Use the T key to test the weapon
  • Use the E key to remove the weapon

Funny Shooter 2 game offers an agile and challenging action gaming experience. Players will be engaged in action-packed battles with a variety of environments and objectives. Besides, the game possesses sharp graphics and a unique environment design. Vivid sound and reasonable background music create a great gaming experience. If you want to experience a new shooting space, you can join You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets suggested here.