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Introduction to the game Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is a fun click game that you can't miss. Your task is to control a circus performer jumping over the obstacles that the giant ball has sucked into.

Funny character

The clowns in the circus must have been a familiar image to many people, especially the little ones who often let their parents go to the circus. Once again, the clown character is brought to the game hilariously and amusingly. The clown in the game is designed with green hair, a tomato-shaped nose, and a white circus outfit with an orange bow tie. These colorful designs highlight the mischievous and playful nature of the clown. Accompanied by special shapes, the clown in the game has an extremely familiar performance tool, a unicycle. During the game, you will witness the incredible cycling of this funny clown.

Overcoming obstacles

In the game, you will walk on a giant ball, on the way the ball will suck all the circus instruments and these are the obstacles that you need to overcome. These obstacles are very diverse such as drums, wine breaks, rabbits, and balloons. If you touch all these obstacles you will have to go back to the beginning. So make sure you have the right distance to jump and pass the obstacles safely.

The frequency of appearing obstacles in the game will be uneven. There are times when obstacles will appear very little, but there are times when obstacles will appear consecutively. Based on the experience of judging the speed as well as the height of each obstacle, you will surely overcome all of them easily. Remember, the later the challenges of overcoming obstacles will be bigger, be determined to overcome them and get the highest score possible.

How to control the clown

  • Click to jump
  • To perform high jumps, click several times.

Features included in the game

The game in addition to the challenge also has outstanding features that make a difference in the game. Start exploring the interesting features right here.

Colorful: Each object in the game has its unique color, which creates an impressive game scene.

Collect coins: The coins are placed all over the move, try to collect them all to accumulate the most coins.

Incremental movement speed: The later the speed will increase gradually, the increases the challenges in the game so much. Train your clicking skills and you'll find the speed boost more interesting than you think.

Get New Scores: As you reach new highs with each game you'll be greeted with an epic fireworks display to celebrate this proud event.

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game that will challenge your reflexes and strategic thinking, look no further than Rolling Ball. Besides, you can search and discover other interesting games like Mahjongg Solitaire shared here. Get ready to score high and see how far you can go in this thrilling adventure!