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About the game Spider Solitaire 2

Spider Solitaire 2 is a thought-provoking game that can consume hours of playtime. Utilize your thinking abilities to excel in completing the game. The objective of the game is to arrange all the cards in each suit in descending order, from King to Ace, in separate piles.

Rules of Spider Solitaire 2

To start the game, a deck of 52 cards is shuffled and dealt into ten tableau piles. The first four piles are dealt with six cards each, while the remaining six piles are dealt with five cards each. Each pile will show one card, while the remaining cards will be face down.

The remaining cards are placed in a stockpile, which can be used to draw additional cards throughout the game. The player can draw one card at a time from the stockpile and place it on top of any tableau pile. Only cards that are one rank higher and of the same suit can be placed on top of each other. For example, a 5 of hearts can be placed on top of a 6 of hearts.

If a tableau pile becomes empty, the player can fill the space with any card or sequence of cards, regardless of suit. This creates opportunities to rearrange the cards and free up hidden cards strategically.

The game continues until the player has arranged all the cards in each suit in descending order, from King to Ace, in separate piles, or until there are no more moves available. In the latter case, the game is considered lost.

Strategies and Tips

Spider Solitaire 2 requires careful planning and decision-making. Check out some tips below to get the best results:

  • Focus on creating complete suits: Try to prioritize arranging complete suits from King to Ace. This will create more empty tableau piles and provide more flexibility in moving cards around.
  • Uncover hidden cards: Look for opportunities to uncover hidden cards by creating empty tableau piles. This will give you access to more cards and increase your chances of finding suitable moves.
  • Plan ahead: Before making any moves, analyze the consequences and potential future moves. Consider the impact of each move on the overall arrangement of the cards.
  • Use the undo button wisely: The game often allows players to undo their previous moves. Use this feature strategically to experiment with different moves and find the best possible solution.
  • Don't rush: The game requires patience and careful thinking. You need to take your time to consider the next moves. You only have 3 hints available in the game, so the moves need to be more meticulous, otherwise, you may end up in a deadlock.


Coming to the game Spider Solitaire 2 you will enjoy the addictive experience that brings hours of entertainment. With unique graphics and challenging gameplay, it has become one of the most loved Solitaire games. If you are passionate about brain games, here we recommend more about Chess Classic, this game will also be a classic game that you should join. Finally, have a good time playing the game!