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Introducing the game Thank You Santa

Thank You Santa is an extremely engaging skill game. Play the role of Santa Claus, overcoming all difficulties to deliver gifts to young people around the world.

The game is set on Christmas Eve

At Christmas, all children will be given meaningful gifts by Santa Claus, and in this game, too, you will transform into Santa Claus to deliver gifts. In a room filled with Christmas atmosphere, Santa Claus will stand and give gifts to the children, but in order for the gifts to reach the children, Santa Claus must overcome challenging circles. Please help Santa orient and deliver gifts to the children in the most intact way.

Challenges when distributing gifts

In the game you will see challenge circles appear, on the spinning circles there are strange objects and animals attached. They will destroy the gifts when they collide. So you need to find the right time to throw these gifts at the kids. Each throw will be a maximum of three times. If all three times you hit the obstacles on the ring, you will have to play again. If you pass the obstacles, you will enter a new level of play where there will be more challenges for you. You can join the brain game Backgammon to make new discoveries.

Fun space in the game

Fun sounds

Sound effects create a warm, happy space on a peaceful Christmas day. These fun tunes will greatly stimulate your spirit of exploration and game experience.

Many new levels of play

The game has many levels for you to explore, each level will have different wheel designs and different spaces. After passing easy levels, you will advance to more difficult levels, which means you will have to play many times to pass these difficult levels. But don't worry because replaying a level many times will give you a lot of experience in your observation skills and quick reactions.

Bright colors

The colors in the game take red, blue, and yellow as the main colors. All these colors create a joyful, joyful entertainment space of the festive season.