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Ready for a puzzle game

Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game where you need to find identical pairs of blocks. Let's clear all the blocks on the playfield to conquer this fun game.

The attraction of this game

Just like other puzzle games, the graphics of this game are quite simple. However, you can change the image on blocks in this game. You can use symbols, wood, or flowers. You just choose the image that is most convenient for you. For me, symbols are probably the easiest to spot and observe. All of them are available without unlocking.

Maps in this mahjong game

This game will give you 4 different maps. The position of the blocks on each map will be different. You can choose one of the maps without purchasing or unlocking them. You can try to conquer 4 maps in turn if you are confident in your ability. The more blocks the map has next to each other, the higher its difficulty.

Game rules of Mahjong Solitaire

This puzzle game has a very simple gameplay and even kids can play it. The ultimate goal is to clear all the blocks on the screen. To make them disappear, you need to know some of the following rules.

Choose only matching pairs

If you match two different blocks, nothing will happen. Take a look at the image on the blocks. If they are the same, you can match them and make them disappear. Sometimes, there are images that seem to be the same but they still have a slight difference. Just one stroke is different, you also cannot select them as a pair. So, it's time to use your sharp eyes.

Make sure the edges of blocks are not pinched

Blocks can be stacked. Besides the condition of having the same shape, these blocks must also ensure another condition. The block you want to select must have at least one longer side that does not touch other blocks. As you can see, the blocks will all be rectangular, so one of the two long sides needs to meet the above condition. That way, you can clear the pairs together. This requires careful observation. Time is not limited but you can challenge yourself to finish as quickly as possible.

Some tips when playing Mahjong Solitaire

You can track the metrics on the right side of the screen. Here you can see the pair remaining. When the number remaining reaches zero, the game is over. However, you can choose to shuffle the remaining blocks instead of choosing to end the game. In addition, you can also shuffle the position of blocks if you do not find a matching block pair. Furthermore, undoing your movement is possible. With an unlimited number of updos, this game will be easier to play than Uno Online. The timer will also appear here. Clear blocks as quickly as possible. If you like this mahjong game, you can share it with your friends. Let's see who will complete the mission more quickly. This game can be played at the school or office without being blocked.