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About the game Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a classic adventure game that everyone should definitely try at least once. Get ready to run fast, escape the pursuit, and collect all the coins.

Escape Journey

The character's escape journey in Cat Runner involves traversing through various vibrant and immersive environments, assuming different roles. You can observe that this journey bears a resemblance to the adventure in the game Slope Run. The cat must swiftly navigate through bustling city streets, leaping over obstacles, sliding under barriers, and avoiding any hindrances that block its path. Quick reflexes and precise movements are crucial for successfully maneuvering through each level.

To make the journey more exciting, the addition of pursuing characters adds a sense of urgency. Whether it's a persistent dog, a mischievous mouse, or another threatening entity, the character must stay one step ahead of their pursuers. This introduces an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay, as players must evade and overcome their adversaries while collecting coins along the way. This aspect enhances the overall gameplay experience by requiring players to skillfully avoid and outmaneuver their enemies while simultaneously gathering coins during their escape journey.

Level increase

As the character progresses through the levels, the difficulty increases, appearing new and more complex obstacles to overcome. The run becomes a test of skill and strategy, requiring players to perfectly time their jumps, slides, and lane changes to avoid getting caught.

What do coins do for you?

Throughout the escape journey, the character has the opportunity to collect coins. These coins serve as in-game currency, allowing players to unlock new levels, characters, outfits, and power-ups. Collecting coins brings a sense of achievement and progress to the game, motivating players to continue their escape journey and strive for higher scores.

How to control

Controlling the character in Cat Runner is simple and intuitive. Here's how you can guide your furry companion through the exciting journey:

  • Press the left arrow key to move left
  • Press the right arrow key to move right
  • Press the up arrow to jump
  • Press the down arrow to slide

You can also join the game on your phone, but replace taps with swipes on the phone screen.