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The Principles of 3D Chess

3D Chess is the 3D version of classic chess which features more impressive graphics. Defeat your opponent by taking his chess pieces and checkmate his king.

Choose levels of difficulty and game mode

The new version of the chess game was released. In this version, the graphics are designed in the 3D art style, which will bring you the most immersive playing experience. Like Uno Online, this game also has game modes. These game modes are 1 Player and 2 Player modes. You can choose the 1 Player Mode to compete with the CPU. In particular, in this game mode, you are allowed to choose the level of difficulty. There are 6 levels, so you can start from level 1 which is the easiest level in this game. Then, you can challenge yourself with level 6 which is the most challenging level in this game. Moreover, you can choose a black chess set or a white chess set before starting the game. For the 2-player mode, you need to play with another player on the same device. In this game mode, you can choose to limit the movements of the chess piece or not.

Checkmate your opponent's king

Your only goal in this game is to checkmate your rival's king to get a victory. Meeting this goal is a difficult task. You will not only control the chess pieces on the board to checkmate your opponent's king but also build your own strategies. In addition, you must remember the moves of the chess piece because each chess piece moves uniquely. Let me take some examples. As you can see, there is a row of pawns on the table board. These Pawns can move forward one or two squares. Moreover, it can capture any chess piece which stands in the square diagonally forward. If the Pawn reaches the final square of the opposite side, it can become the Queen. The Queen can move as many squares as possible in the diagonal, horizontal, or vertical direction. The Bishop can move in a diagonal direction while the Rook can move in a vertical or horizontal direction. Finally, the moving direction of the Knight is like an L-shape. Besides checkmating your rival's king, you also need to capture as many chess pieces of your opponent as you can. Note that there is no time limit for each turn, so you do not need to be quick. Thinking carefully and planning your next moves in advance are the key that helps you win the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move the pieces on the chess board.

Tips to checkmate your opponent in 3D Chess

If you are a newbie, I will suggest some useful strategies. Hope that these tactics will help you defeat your rival easily.

  • Try to eliminate the Queen of your rival first because this is the most powerful chess piece on the chess board.
  • Attempt to surround the King of your opponent.
  • Identify the chess pieces that you can capture.
  • Creating the trap is the key to eliminating your opponent's chess pieces.
  • Apply the Castling strategy when you have only the King, Rooks, and Pawns. You must move your King's first two spaces to the right and transfer the Rook two spaces to the left. This helps to protect your King from your rival's attacks.