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Challenge your intelligence with this puzzle game

Four In A Row gives you classic gameplay with some new features. You place the discs so that they are in a straight line. Pay attention to your opponent's move.

Be proactive

This is probably a mind game as difficult as Uno Online. Not only do you have to plan your every move, but you also need to understand your opponent's moves. Only when you understand all the circumstances that will happen, can you conquer this difficult game. There is no timer, so you can think twice before dropping the disc. Let your opponent block your difficult moves. Never let yourself have to follow the opponent's moves.

No pain no gain

If you are just starting out, it is very easy to lose. Therefore, practice is essential. You can practice with friends or play against the machine to get more cool moves. Once you've gone through a lot of practice, I think you can win this game. Don't give up if you lose too many times.

How to win in Four In A Row

As mentioned earlier, you just need to make the discs lie in a straight line and you will win. In this game, you can give the number of discs needed to complete a straight line. The more discs, the more difficult the game will be.

Drop discs into circular spaces

A square board with circular gaps will appear on the screen. You will drop the discs into these spaces one after the other. Do not forget to choose the color of the discs before participating in the match. You should cleverly design traps to defeat the opponent. You need to make moves that surprise and confuse the opponent. You can make moves that confuse the opponent. Then they don't notice your line being formed.

Game control

You just need to click to drop the disc down. If you want to find the location to drop, you can swipe the mouse. Remember, the disc will always fall to the empty space at the bottom. You can't undo your moves, so a small mistake can cost you the whole game.

Modes in Four In A Row

This game offers 3 different modes for players. The difference between these modes is the features and the number of players. Objectives and gameplay in the modes will remain unchanged. The first is the online player. This crafting allows you to create a room that can be public or private. If it is a private room, you can share the room for other friends to join. If it's a public room, you just have to wait for your opponent to join the room. You can also participate in random rooms around the world yourself. Coming to two player mode, you and your friends can play together on one device. Choose your own color, then set up field size and winning condition. If you're playing alone, choose Play vs Computer mode. Your opponent will be the CPU. Don't lose focus because the CPU can beat you in this mind game. Let's set up the difficulty for this mode.