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Introducing the game Backgammon

Backgammon is a game that brings you wonderful moments of entertainment on the board. Using your strategy, take the pieces off the board to win.

Game setup

The game is set up on a board consisting of 24 triangular points and divided into four quadrants. The game will have 2 types of chess pieces, white and black. Each player will own 15 white or black chess pieces. At the start of the game, the pieces will be placed on specific points according to a predetermined starting configuration.

How to move the chess pieces

At the beginning of the game, the dice will be rolled, whoever has the higher score will move first. After the dice is rolled, the number of points displayed on the surface of the dice is the number of points at which you can move your piece. For example, if your two dice land on numbers 2 and 3, you can move the piece in the area with 2 pieces and you can move the piece in the area with 3 pieces or you can move One piece has a total of 5 squares.

Note that you can only move your pieces to open point positions or positions occupied by your pieces. If your opponent only has one piece at a time, that piece is considered a foul and can be hit by your piece. When you play your opponent's tile, their piece is placed on the bar and they must re-enter that piece into the game by rolling the dice and moving it to an open spot in your home quadrant.

The ultimate winner

The first player to defeat all of his pieces on the board wins the game. In some stages additional rules may be applied for example requiring exact numbers to beat the last checker or using extra points to score.

Backgammon online

Backgammon online is popularly played on all iOS and Android devices. Here you can play the game directly from your web browser. With detailed instructions you can start playing Backgammon easily. Join the game with friends to discover many interesting moves available in this game. You can join Super Umo a new game on our website to get some fresh thinking skills.