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About the game Crazy Eights

Have fun with friends through the popular game Crazy Eights. Challenge your friends to this game to see if you are the first to run out of cards and win.

Game mode options

When you start participating in the game, you will have the option of playing mode, you can choose 2P, 3P or 4P mode. Depending on each game mode, you will have different layouts, but in any game mode, the rules of play will not change. For playing style you can choose classic or action cards. In addition, you can also choose the game rules as Draw One or Keep Drawing, each game rule will have different ways to play.

Rules of the game Crazy Eights

The game is similar to Uno Online, but instead of numbered cards, the game will have letter cards such as J, Q, K. In the game you will be given 7 cards, initially the turn will be calculated according to clockwise. It doesn't matter whether the numbers in the cards are high or low, numbers or letters, as long as they are the same number or the same color, the card can be drawn. In addition, you have some powerful cards such as turn change, + 4, +2, choose color. For example, with a +4 card you have a card that prevents your opponent from moving and adds 4 cards to your opponent's existing deck. The +2 card has the same power as the +4 card, but the opponent will only be given 2 more cards. Another thing you need to note is that when you don't have any cards to move forward, you will have to draw cards, until you can draw a card that can move forward. When you have the last 1 card left, you must press the button otherwise you will have more cards added and lose the chance to run out of cards. Whoever runs out of cards first at the end wins this game.

The game is suitable for every occasion

It can be said that Crazy Eights is the perfect game for many different occasions. The game is flexible and fun, suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. With simple rules, strategic gameplay, and customizable variations, it's no surprise that the game is a great choice for family and friends gatherings. The game has its own standard deck of cards so you can access the game on all web browsers to quickly join everyone in the game. Hopefully the game will bring you and your loved ones moments of relaxation, fun and happiness.