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Introducing the game is a skillful shooting game combined with strategic movement. Choose your weapon and dive into the battle with only one survivor left!

The game puts players in the center of fierce and intense battles just like a Funny Shooter 2 shooting game. The fast-paced game requires players to quickly become familiar with how to use each weapon and how to move. All other players participating in the game are also in a ready state of mind and are aiming for one goal: survival. So jump into the game and start gaining experience to be able to take down as many opponents as possible. During the process of moving to the opponent's location, you also need to pay attention to your surrounding location because opponents can appear at any time. The game will make you unable to sit still, so be prepared to fight when entering this exciting game.

Outstanding features of the game

Outstanding game mode

In the game, you can participate in solo mode with many people or group play mode. If you want to get used to the way of playing, I think you should join the multiplayer mode, in this mode you will gain personal fighting experience. After gaining experience and achieving high results, you will begin to switch to team competition to further upgrade your teamwork skills.

Many types of advanced weapons

The game has everything from assault rifles and shotguns to sniper rifles and explosives. With this equipment, you will have to flexibly use the right weapons with a clear purpose to increase damage to opponents. Constantly unlock and upgrade weapons to progress and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Rich graphics

The game has beautiful and impressive graphic design. You will be fighting in an arena with many attractive details from indoors to outdoors. Furthermore, the characters in the game can also be customized with many different interfaces and costumes. Personalize your profile by upgrading your character.

How to control

Use WASD keys to move

Use space bar to jump

Use the Shift key to crouch and slide

Use the Enter key to chat

Left click to shoot

Move the mouse to expand the view