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Introducing the game is an engaging medieval-style fighting game. Control your character to absorb power and defeat all other opponents with your sword.

Fight to survive the longest

Starting the game you will be equipped with a sword to start survival. In the competition arena at this time, there are also many players participating in the fight, your task is to use the sword to defeat all other players to upgrade strength, weapons, and appearance. Each time you defeat or absorb power, your appearance will change from small to larger. Everything that belongs to you will grow as you grow. This is a fierce battle so you can't stop acting, to survive long you have to fight and come up with perfect strategies.

Playing strategy

To confront so many players in this game arena you need to have a perfect playing strategy. If you are joining the game for the first time, you should play in a collection and defense style to get used to the gameplay and observe your opponent's attack actions. From there you can learn lessons to continue fighting. Once you have mastered it, you will actively attack your opponent. Attack targets are opponents smaller or equal to you, followed by larger opponents. If you are quick and flexible in your movements, you can strategically attack opponents larger than you. The bigger opponents you defeat, the faster you will grow. The game has gameplay similar to Worms Zone, you can join and experience it at any time.

How to control the character

Use the mouse to move the character

Left click to attack the opponent

Right click to sprint when being chased and attacked by opponents

Many interesting options in the game

Joining the game you can choose the game mode, there are 4 game modes for you to choose from. The first mode is FFA, in this classic mode you will compete with many players from all over the world. This will be a suitable regime for those who assert their fighting position in the international arena. The second mode is TEAMS mode, in this mode you can form a team and start fighting with other groups. If you want to improve solidarity, this will be a great mode for your team. The third mode is OFFLINE mode, in this mode you will fight with AI. If you want to practice to improve your fighting skills, this will be a suitable mode for you. Finally, there is the 1vs 1 DUEL mode, in this mode you will compete with another player over turns. After each solo, whoever gets the higher score will win. All modes have interesting features and attractive rewards, join all modes to see which mode is best for you!