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Introduction to the Football Kickoff game

Football Kickoff is an incredibly unique football game. Join the game and showcase your ability to kick a football to see how many times you can hit the center!

As you start the game, you will be overwhelmed by the vibrant atmosphere. You will step onto the field as a promising player, surrounded by the cheers and enthusiastic support of the fans. It is a memorable moment filled with pride for any athlete participating in the game. After the exhilarating cheer, it's time for you to prepare for this competition.

In the game, you will kick an oval-shaped football to make sure it flies in the right direction without deviating. There will be three scoring ranges for you when your football flies in the right direction, represented by three colors: green, yellow, and red. When the football passes through the green range, you will receive the highest score. If it passes through the yellow range, you will receive a relatively lower score. And if it goes beyond the red line, you will receive the lowest score. Note that you only have 60 seconds to kick the ball, and you have a maximum of 5 missed kicks. Try to achieve the highest score in this competition.

How to control the ball

To kick the ball, click and drag the mouse. Before kicking, pay attention to the angle and direction to ensure that the ball reaches the center position and scores the most points. You can perform consecutive kicks to increase your score, but make sure your kicks stay within the scoring range. The gameplay of this game is simple but stimulates your entertainment and conquering spirit. Perform multiple kicks to see how high you can score!