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About the game Math Trivia Live

Math Trivia Live is a math game where you will solve math problems using quick calculations. Join other players to see who will get the most correct answers.

Basic math operations

The game introduces players to basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These math operations will be printed on a white space in the middle of the game. The game is not simply adding two digits, instead, the game offers problems adding 3 consecutive digits including negative numbers. For example, you will do three-digit addition, three-digit subtraction, alternate between addition and multiplication, or subtraction and multiplication... The diverse calculations will help your brain react more quickly, helping you calculate calculations at a faster speed.

Rules for playing Math Trivia Live

The game is in online mode so you will participate in solving math problems with another randomly selected friend. The two of you will compete against each other to answer 10 consecutive math problems, each math problem will be suggested with 3 answers to answer. Only one of the three answers is correct, so calculate carefully to come up with the only answer. When the answer is correct, it will appear in green. When the answer is green, it will appear in red. If anyone answers all 10 calculations correctly within the required time, they will win.

Educational game

Math Trivia Live is not only a fun and entertaining game but the game is also educational to engage in mathematics. The game improves your mental math skills and improves your reflexes. In addition, the game also promotes active learning and builds a competitive spirit. So, next time you want to have fun with numbers, gather your friends or family and experience this engaging game or maybe join useful puzzle games like Word Swipe.