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Introducing the game Suika Game Watermelon

Welcome to the popular watermelon matching game Suika Game Watermelon. Try to match all the same types of fruits to create more attractive varieties of fruit!

The fruit matching journey

To reach the giant watermelons, you need to go through a journey of matching from small fruits to larger ones. Start with small fruits like strawberries and blueberries, then progress to bigger fruits like oranges, apples, and pears. Continue to develop even larger fruits like pineapples and grapes. You will match fruits until they grow into watermelons. The number of these fruits is limited, and if you don't choose the right position to match them, the available space will shrink. At that point, you will face more difficulties in matching your fruits, and if the fruits reach the limit, you will have to restart the game from the beginning. So try to match as many fruits as possible.

Features in the game

The game features beautiful graphics with a variety of common fruits. Additionally, it provides a leaderboard, allowing you to invite friends to join and compete to see who will rank first. The game has straightforward gameplay, as you only need to use the mouse to move the fruits to suitable positions.

The game for all ages

With its simple gameplay and appealing graphics, the game has gained the affection of players of all ages. You can participate in this game whenever you have free time or simply look for an entertaining game to play with friends. The more you play, the more captivating the game becomes, as it continuously introduces new elements, and your goal is to match fruits until you reach the largest fruit, the watermelon. If you enjoy simple puzzle games like Suika Game Watermelon, you can also try the game TenTrix introduced here.