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Introducing the game Vex 3

Vex 3 is a skill-based obstacle course game that turns you into a flexible stick figure. Embark on a journey filled with countless challenges right now.

With a simple graphic design, you will be surprised to witness paths full of traps and challenges. In the game you will have to use basic skills such as jumping, climbing, and swinging to reach safe destinations and reach the destination in each turn. Each turn will have checkpoints, try to touch these points so that if you are in danger, you will be able to return to the nearest point to continue completing the game. Your ultimate goal in this game is to conquer all levels.

To conquer all levels, you need to constantly practice reflex skills and speed control when jumping, sliding, climbing and swinging at the right time. There are some roads where you will have to increase your speed and find a good fulcrum to overcome obstacles. When encountering such roads, you need to be calm to calculate safe steps. Don't act hastily because you can miscalculate and fall into traps at any time. On some other roads when the serrated blades are moving, you need to align the right time to pass. If you practice diligently, all your skills will improve and achieve admirable achievements.

Experience the multi-level game

For a skill game, creating many levels of play will be a highlight for the game to leave a deep impression on players, and Vex 3 is no exception. The game offers many different levels of play, each level has a variety of obstacles. These interesting designs will bring you a new and exciting relaxing space. Don't forget you can participate in other obstacle course games like Banana Duck.

How to control stickman: Use arrow keys or WASD keys to control.