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Introducing the game Apple Worm

Apple Worm is a multi-level puzzle game. Depending on each level, you will experience different puzzles and the ultimate goal is to find the correct path.

Entering the game you will see a beautiful green worm whose hobby is eating apples. Why does it like eating apples so much? That's right because eating apples will make it longer and longer so you can easily move to higher levels in the game. But the length of the worm is only a small factor to help the worm overcome challenging levels, more important is your thinking ability when controlling the worm.

Think about puzzles

The puzzles in the game are indeed not simple because these puzzles can bend your mind. Each level will present you with different puzzles and different levels of difficulty that challenge your logical and critical thinking abilities. To increase the difficulty of the puzzle, in some levels you will encounter obstacles such as moving rocks or complex architecture. If you like thinking, you can also participate in the Crazy Eights game experiences suggested here.

How to control in the game Apple Worm

The game has intuitive controls that help you control the little worm easily through puzzles. You just need to use the arrow keys to move small depths left, right, up, and down. The control keys are very responsive, helping you have smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Outstanding features in Apple Worm

First is the level of play, the game has a total of 30 levels for you to experience. Each level of play will bring you new discoveries, these discoveries may have to be played many times but they are certainly discoveries that bring you many lessons and increase your thinking ability.

Next is beautiful graphics with bright colors. The game has vivid graphics, especially the cute little worm. Along with that, the graphic design of each level is carefully and accurately invested, increasing the appeal of the overall game.

Finally, relaxing music. You will be submerged in the gentle music that adds appeal to the game. The music is not too loud to help you concentrate on thinking about difficult puzzles in the game.