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Game description Cut The Rope: Magic

Cut The Rope: Magic is an adorable puzzle game. In all situations, you need to provide the right path so that the character in the game can eat the candy.

In the game, your mission is to help the green monster collect all the stars and eat the candy. The candy is held by ropes, and your task is to cut the ropes to make the candy fall into the mouth of the green monster. One thing to keep in mind is the physical interaction between the ropes and the candy. These interactions will help you collect additional stars that are positioned in different locations. It is important to find the optimal path to complete all the steps, from cutting the ropes to collecting the stars, and ultimately helping the green monster eat the candy.

One special feature of the game is the magical transformation of the green monster. In the game, the green monster can fly and transform into a yellow bird. By doing this, you will be able to easily overcome the puzzles in the game. Transform the green monster at the right moment to complete all the challenges in this game!

The game has many interesting features

Magical playing scene

The game is inspired by the sky at night, where there are many shining stars. This space contributes to making the character transformations in the game more unique. Immerse yourself in the unique game space and experience all the exciting gameplay levels available in the game right now. To have more space experiences, you can join the Unblocked game.

Fun sounds

Indispensable in the game are gentle, pleasant music notes, helping you focus on the game without feeling bored.

Many levels of play

The game gives you a perfect gameplay path from one level to another. Each level of play will have different levels of challenge. If you want to show off your absolute gaming skills you can replay the levels you want to get the absolute results.