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Introducing the game Unblocked

Unblocked is an extremely engaging brain game. The game is set up with colorful wooden bars, your task is to get the designated wooden bar out of the frame.

Move the wooden stick in the correct direction

In this game the wooden sticks are arranged in horizontal and vertical rows. Horizontal wooden bars can only move horizontally, vertical wooden bars can only move vertically. Although movement is limited, you can choose the stop position when moving the wooden bar horizontally or vertically. The game is like a math puzzle that requires you to observe and move the wooden bars to a reasonable position so that the designated wooden bar can move smoothly out of the frame.

How to move wooden stick quickly?

You need to come up with specific strategies when moving wooden bars. You can move the wooden bars many times in many different ways. Each time you move, you will be counted. If you move more, the number of stars you receive will not be 3 stars. If you are a perfectionist you can replay the game and get 3 stars again, which means you will have to move the wooden bars as few times as possible.

The game has many levels of play, for each level you need to come up with different movement plans. If you just want to pass the level you can make multiple moves on any level. On the other hand, if you want to absolutely conquer each level, observe carefully before moving the wooden bars so that the number of moves is as few as possible. There are many brain games for entertainment like Math Trivia Live but I think Unblocked will be a game worth trying now!

Ways to control

The game has simple controls via mouse, you just need to click on the wood you want to move then move left or right to suit your strategy. Wishing you hours of exciting entertainment in the Unblocked game.