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About to Dancing Line

Dancing Line is a skill-based game combined with music that brings you moments of great relaxation. Let's explore what the final destination of this game is!

Mechanism of addiction

Dancing Line's gameplay mechanism is simple but addictive. In the game, you just need to click to make new turns. You will control a small square block, and along with the movement of the block will be a color strip representing your path of movement. When you move to the turns, you will have to click to change the direction of the colored block so that it does not crash into the edge of the road frame. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase as you pass simple levels, providing a satisfying experience for you and experienced players. All challenges aim at a common goal, which is to control the geometry as far as possible.

Feel the sound

To be able to play the game in the most relaxing way while traveling, please feel the attractive sounds in the game. Each beat of sound will give you a feeling of excitement and intense concentration as you change the direction of the color block.

Attractive game diagram

The game forms many different road segments creating a zigzag game diagram. The further you go, the more changes you will see in the road frames, including the length of the road frames and the color changes on each road. With flexible changes, the game becomes more challenging for players than ever. Try to have flexible reflexes to be able to conquer all diagrams in this game. You can refer to the Cut The Rope: Magic skill game suggested here for more great experiences.

How to play: Click to move colored blocks.