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Introducing the game Penalty Shoots 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is the soccer game you can't stop playing. Start the game and make top kicks to win against the opposing team. Will you be able to do it?

Penalty shootout

The game is built on the premise that two soccer teams are tied and now they have to take the final penalty kicks to find the only winner. In this kick, you will control 5 players and 1 goalkeeper. The players will take turns going onto the field and kicking the ball. If the ball goes into the net, your team will receive a point and it will be displayed as a blue horizontal line. If the ball does not go into the net or is caught by the opponent's goalkeeper, you will receive a red dash. The winning team is the pair with the fewer missed kicks. Just do a penalty shootout between the two teams until you find the final winner and enter the next round.

Competition diagram

You will choose a team that you love. The game system will arrange your team to compete with any other team. First, the qualifying round will include 16 teams, the winning team will in turn advance to the quarterfinals and finally the final to find the sole winner. The golden cup is waiting for you so show your top free kick ability now to win. If you have a passion for playing sports games, the Tap Tap Shots game is also worth experiencing!

Saves for you

The game mainly focuses on your reflexes, so if you want to play soccer properly, practice this ability. To do this, click on the correct location in the net area you want and don't let the goalkeeper know the direction you want to kick the ball. If you choose a kicking position near or in front of the goalkeeper, you should also be careful because in these positions the goalkeeper can easily catch the ball. Therefore, positions far from the goalkeeper and close to the goal will be great positions for you to perform technical kicks.

Control: Use the mouse to play