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Tap Tap Shots: Can You Beat the Challenge?

Tap Tap Shots is a game that challenges your basketball skills. This game has no limits so throw the ball into the basket as much as you can!

In this game, each turn you will have to toss the ball continuously until the ball falls into the basket and move on to a new turn. Why do you have to keep tossing the ball? That's right, if you don't toss the ball continuously, you won't have enough time to continue the game. After the first toss, you will start to calculate the time to toss the ball. The time for each round of tossing the ball is very short, so you need to toss the ball skillfully so that the ball does not fly out. If the ball flies out, the possibility of tossing the ball into the basket will be very low. The ball will be thrown up with each click of your mouse, it is like an elastic net when the ball touches it it will automatically bounce. To be able to toss the ball accurately, you also need to pay attention to the clicking rhythm. If you click too quickly or the clicks are close together, the ball will bounce very high. If you click too slowly or pause too long, the ball will bounce very low. So be flexible with your ability to click to toss the ball most accurately.

During the game, you will discover that the balls that create earthquakes are fire balls. When you throw the fire ball into the basket, your score will increase significantly, so don't miss this opportunity to score absolutely!

Featured included in the game Tap Tap Shots

When participating in the game, you will experience some extremely outstanding features that create the appeal of the game.

First, we must mention the levels available in the game. Moving through new rounds of play, you will see the flexible arrangement of the baskets. It is this arrangement that creates great challenges for you, forcing you to constantly innovate your playing strategy to fit these arrangements. Will you be able to shoot the ball into the basket easily when going through the increasingly difficult levels in this game?

A feature that makes you work harder while participating in the game is competing on the leaderboard. This ranking will continuously update the players with the best achievements. If you also want to be on the ranking, try to practice to have the best achievements to top the rankings!

Finally, the graphics and sound are impressive in the game. The game is designed with eye-catching graphics in a quiet space, where only the ball and basket are the main highlight in the game. This design helps players focus on the process of tossing the ball without being distracted by other details. In addition, the sound of the game is very good, giving you a new source of spirit to conquer the highest score in this game.

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